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Homeless Encampment Cleanup In Pittsburgh

Why Is It So Important To Hire A Professional Homeless Encampment Cleanup Company? 

Homeless encampments can pose health risks to others in the community.  While great compassion and care are required when working with homeless individuals, the potential risks that are posed by a homeless camp must be considered by the city or township in which they dwell.  


Out of necessity, the homeless on our streets have become scavengers just to survive the harsh environment in which they find themselves.  As a result, the areas where they have chosen to sleep are often littered with trash, clothing, bedding, glass, and sharps/needles.


Homeless Encampment Cleanup Services in Pittsburgh

Concerns related to working around needles have long been a consideration due to blood-borne pathogens.  The greater risk these days seems to be the ever-present and deadly fentanyl additive which can be in heroin, marijuana, and other drugs.  “Stamp Packs,” even when empty, can be deadly if you touch them. Fentanyl deaths have reached an epidemic level in the United States. Fentanyl is imported from China and is used to boost the potency of common illegal drugs.  The number of overdoses has grown significantly in the last 20 years. (See link)

Deaths from breathing in the airborne particulates with fentanyl have occurred everywhere in the nation, even among officers and the military.


In light of these risks, homeless encampments should always be cleaned using a company like Steri-Clean.  We clean homeless encampments to remove not only the trash but the dangers and liabilities associated with them as well. 




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