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"Who Can I Call To Help With The Cleanup After A Suicide?"

Who Cleans Up After a Suicide?

When a family member faces the recent death of a loved one, whether self-inflicted or accidental, the situation can quickly become overwhelming.  You are grief-stricken and are asking, “why?” Your grief makes it difficult to focus on the complicated logistics that must be navigated to clean the scene.


While no one can remove that grief or answer those difficult questions, Steri-Clean can help ease the burden of dealing with the immediate needs of cleaning, disinfection, and managing the insurance claim.  Our trained technicians are kind, empathetic, and will do their best to be unobtrusive during a suicide cleanup or other traumatic event.


Our goal is to return the home to a livable condition as fast as possible with little disruption for you.  This includes removal of all affected materials, disinfection, and odor remediation. Steri-Clean follows all state and federal regulations for biohazard removal and suicide cleanup.


In Pennsylvania and Ohio, there are currently no regulations that would prevent you from cleaning up a minor blood spill at your home.  However, the general guideline is that anything larger than a dinner plate should be remediated by a professional biohazard cleanup company to minimize exposure to blood-borne pathogens and Other Potentially Infectious Materials (OPIM).  The second consideration is that, in the case of a suicide or trauma in which a family member cleans up the scene, the increased incidence of depression and thoughts of personal harm skyrockets. Consideration must be taken for the emotional impact that a biohazard cleanup might have on those who are involved.


If the trauma occurs at a commercial property, the rules change dramatically.  OSHA has very strict guidelines about what an employer must provide to employees who clean up a crime scene or blood spill.  The employees are required to have annual training and PPE (personal protection equipment).


Does Homeowners' Insurance Cover Suicide Cleanup Cost?

Homeowners' insurance, in most cases, covers the cost of remediation and replacement of materials.  Since dealing with that aspect adds another layer of stress to an already difficult situation, Steri-Clean’s personnel is more than happy to facilitate that process on your behalf. Let our professional and efficient staff ease the burden you find yourself with during this terrible time.

When Steri-Clean Pittsburgh comes to your location to evaluate the situation and formulate remediation strategies, we will arrive in unmarked vehicles, which do not announce to the whole neighborhood that something traumatic has happened. We thoroughly understand that people who have to deal with the aftermath of a traumatic event are already badly shocked and emotionally distraught, so we do our best to avoid compounding the discomfort of the situation.


The risk of unknown blood-borne pathogens can be significant to anyone entering the area. Just wiping up the bodily fluids is not enough to ensure everyone’s safety. Steri-Clean Pittsburgh’s Biohazard Technicians are highly trained to deal with unseen pathogens.  All affected porous materials must be removed. Hard surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Biohazard materials will need to be disposed of through a licensed medical waste company. Steri-Clean can provide a “Safe-to-Occupy” certificate for your records after remediation.


Professional and Non-Judgmental Suicide Cleanup Service

Steri-Clean® was one of the very first organizations of its kind founded in this country, and we still provide the same affordable, discreet, and compassionate service to those in need of our services. With more than two decades in the business, we have become one of the most experienced companies in the country at handling crime scene cleanup, CSI cleanup, and forensic cleaning for cases involving murder, trauma, homicide, or suicide.  Steri-Clean crime cleaners are some of the best in the industry.

Regardless of where the trauma has occurred – at home or your place of business, or even in your automobile – technicians can be there quickly, and we can effectively carry out any necessary remediation of biohazard material to eliminate any danger to the public. In many cases, commercial and automobile policies cover the associated costs, so that you won’t be stuck footing the bill for a major cleanup operation.

Our services are frequently used by individuals, businesses, governmental agencies, insurance companies, and other organizations when traumatic events have occurred.  We remove any uncertainty you may have about biohazard cleanup, and we make the site safe again for anyone frequenting the area, whether it's other community members or immediate family. 





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