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Superbugs, And Their Invisible Deadly Threats

What Is A Superbug?

Superbugs constitute a major threat to you and your family.  Before an outbreak turns into an epidemic or pandemic, the threat needs to be neutralized immediately.  Outbreaks, like the Norovirus, for example, can run rampant through schools, senior centers, a nursing homes, or any public place where people frequent and could require superbug disinfection.  The effects of most viruses on a normal, healthy adult may be temporary, but for the elderly, a child, or someone who is immunocompromised (see this article), the impact can be catastrophic.  


A superbug can be a virus or a strain of bacteria that is resistant to most antibiotics commonly used today. Viruses and bacteria can live for hours on surfaces like cafeteria tables, doorknobs, and desks. Frequent hand-washing will help reduce the chance of contamination from these common surfaces. Resistant bacteria that cause C-DIFF and MRSA are just a few of the most common superbugs and can live on surfaces for 5 months and 12 months respectively. A professional cleaning service can properly disinfect contaminated areas and restore the property to a safe environment.


What is Influenza (Flu)?

Flu is a contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses that infect the nose, throat, and sometimes the lungs. During flu season, hospital ICUs are packed with very sick patients, often ending in death (~36K to 60K deaths each year). The best way to prevent getting the flu virus is by getting a flu vaccine every year.

Is The Flu Virus The Same As A Cold?

Flu is different from a cold. As it usually comes on suddenly. The CDC says, “People who are sick with flu often feel some or all of these symptoms:

  • Fever* or feeling feverish/chills

  • Cough

  • Sore throat

  • Runny or stuffy nose

  • Muscle or body aches

  • Headaches

  • Fatigue (tiredness)

  • Some people may have vomiting and diarrhea, though this is more common in children than adults.

*It’s important to note that not everyone with flu will have a fever.”

What is MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus)?​

A bacterium that causes infections in various parts of the body. The symptoms of MRSA depend on where a person is infected. It typically causes mild infections on the skin, causing pimples or boils but it can also cause more serious skin infections or infect surgical wounds, bloodstream, lungs, or the urinary tract.


What is C-Diff (Clostridium Difficile)​

Clostridium difficile, often called “C. diff,” is a bacterium that can cause symptoms ranging from diarrhea to life-threatening inflammation of the colon. Illness from C. difficile most commonly appears in older adults and typically occurs after the use of antibiotic medications. C-diff affects about 500,000 Americans a year, contributing to 15,000 to 20,000 deaths. The most common signs & symptoms of mild to moderate C. diff infection are:


  • Watery diarrhea three or more times a day for two or more days

  • Mild abdominal cramping and tenderness


In some cases, infected individuals are unable to make it to a bathroom which ultimately infects the entire space where they have been confined.

What Is Scabies?

Scabies is a skin condition caused by microscopic mites burrowing in the skin and laying eggs. We coordinate the treatment of the area using an Ultra Low Volume fogger and Permethrin in a 40x concentration. This combined with a thorough cleaning is effective to remove the mites.


  • Scabies is an itchy, highly contagious skin disease caused by an infestation of an itch mite.

  • Direct skin-to-skin contact is the mode of transmission.

  • A severe and relentless itch is the predominant symptom of scabies.


Smart Technology Disinfection

Steri-Clean uses the latest technology for superbug disinfection in a facility, commercial building, or residence.  We treat all touchpoints using an electrostatic sprayer which electrically charges the particles to create a chemical bond to every surface.  The negative charge forces the particles toward the positively charged surfaces in the room, ensuring even coverage from all angles. Please see this video about electrostatic technology.

The broad-spectrum disinfectants are extremely effective and have a proven 6 log kill, meaning 99.9999% of colony-forming units will be reduced, a reduction statistically
equivalent to zero.


Bed Bug Prep

Bed bugs are a common misfortune among apartment residents, homeowners, etc. Our discreet services will alleviate the stress due to the extensive preparation that is oftentimes required before an exterminator can come on-site to treat the area. In order to be certain bed bugs are present, look closely at where a person is sleeping. The bugs can be found on a bed, sofa, armchair, etc. Bed bugs are flat and oval and have a reddish-brown color.


*Disclaimer:  STERI-CLEAN® is not an extermination company;

we work closely with local exterminators to properly prepare for treatment.


Below are three actionable steps that are taken to clear a space for treatment.


  • FURNITURE: Empty drawers and move large pieces of furniture away
    from walls and baseboards.

  • CLOTHING: Remove all affected clothing and take it to the laundromat or dry cleaners.

  • HOUSEHOLD ITEMS: Remove clutter and take out all items that could melt or explode under potential high heat treatment.


Call 888-577-7206 for immediate help.


COVID: What You Need to Know

Steri-Clean Pittsburgh has the only effective protocol and training to ELIMINATE the viruses from any environment. COVID is a virus that affects the respiratory tract and is spread through person-to-person contact.

Symptoms: According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) reported illnesses have ranged from people with little to no symptoms to people being severely ill and dying. Symptoms may appear in as few as 2 days or as long as 14 after exposure. Symptoms can include fever, cough, and shortness of breath.


Covid Prevention & Treatment
The CDC believes the best way to prevent infection is to avoid being exposed to the virus and recommends everyday preventative actions to help prevent it from spreading:

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer

  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands

  • Avoid close contact with people who appear to be sick

  • Stay at home if you are sick

  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, throw the tissue in the trash, then wash your hands thoroughly

  • Clean and apply disinfectant to commonly touched objects and surfaces (See next paragraph)


Steri-Clean Services for Microorganisms & COVID-19​

If there is an outbreak of any size in your area or you need additional information about mass decontamination, please contact Steri-Clean Pittsburgh’s knowledgeable technicians to get additional information. We can provide the following services for homes, businesses, warehouses, public transportation, and more. 

  • 24 Hour response serving dozens of offices throughout the country

  • Thorough cleaning to remove biofilms from all surfaces 

  • Trained technicians to use and apply the appropriate disinfectant for the COVID-19 virus, both L and S strains

  • Application of disinfectants through one or more delivery methods including electrostatic, mist, fogging, and direct spray.

  • Surface testing to confirm the efficacy of our cleaning processes*

*Steri-Clean utilizes ATP monitoring to assure surfaces are clean before and after our disinfectants are applied. ATP monitors test for Adenosine Triphosphate which is stored energy found in every cell. While viruses do not contain cells, the removal of biofilms and cellular activity on all surfaces assures our disinfectants can properly kill the viruses.

For additional details, contact us today. 1-888-577-7206




Call Steri-Clean Pittsburgh Today!


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